Friday, 8 August 2014


We can read in each product: "These items are free ("freebies"). Therefore, the quality is very varied (and they have various permissions). You might find it useful. But you may not find in them exactly what you want or the quality you need. After all, are free."

Last update of each product: 2012.

It will be fantastic for play with SL. Thank you.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Shops

Hi again :)

It could be a nice experience. It is different. You will see you avatar more beautiful. 

Move to this place:

It is a cicle shop. A little different. Search the HUD, for get the stuff. One clic on 

And you will get

Accept.. and inside your Inventary, better locate it now in the Recent tab...

I discover it, i share it.. There are a mesh avatar (beta) free. 

1. Wear The Shops! Shopping HUD v.40b (Wear Me!) for get.
2. Wear StyleMode (v.16b) (Wear Me!) for apply 

Is it amazing? i dont know. With free products i have a lot of skins in StyleMode, but none inside my inventary. Testing it