Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lolas Tango & Phat Azz: Get It!!

There are a lot of shop that has appliers for this products. A lot. And find it in SL is really hard.

And if you are new in SL, and curious, maybe you want know where is Lolas? Where is Phat? And, maybe, what is an applier?

Lolas Tango.
::: Lolas :::, Lolas (147, 73, 37) - Moderate

Lolas Tango is a popular Model of this shop Lolas. The product is a breasts mesh.

Phat Azz.
Luck inc. HQ Mstyle-Steinwerk-Riddle-Puncture, Luck Inc (75, 130, 21) - Moderate

The product is a hips and legs mesh.

You cant use clothes in your Lolas or your Phat. But with appliers, you can, only doing a clic. So if you has this products and you buy clothes, look for developers that do appliers for you cute new sexy addons.

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